Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tool #8 Taking a Look at the Tools

For Tool #8, in your post:
  1. After watching the videos/tutorials, list two to three things you learned about the device(s) that will be in your classroom this fall.
  2. How do you plan to manage the device(s) in your classroom? Do you have ideas/suggestions that others may find useful?
Being a semi-tech junkie myself, I am lucky to be fairly familiar with the technology that my co-teachers have gotten in their classrooms.

Because of my versatile co-teaching role, I was/have been privileged, this year and last, with the opportunity to observe and learn the technology habits of multiple teachers. For the most part, students are very reliable and willing to help out when it comes to technology. I have noticed that in classes when co-teachers aren't always available, teachers usually assign a student from each class to help monitor the devices. Students are never allowed to leave class unless all devices are accounted for. 

Another management technique that I have noticed being very popular involves having the students sit in a manner that allows the computer screens to face the teacher at all times. By having students face their computer screens towards the teachers, the chances of off-task behavior is usually limited. As far as charging the devices, many teachers handle this situation differently. I have noticed that some teachers put up the adapters,whereas others leave the adapters out in the open for students to use as they please.

In almost all of the classes that I've been to, none of the teachers ever allow items to remain on the desk unless they are being used and a majority of the students have been taught the proper handling techniques. 

I've found that it is EXTREMELY important for teachers to allow ample time to put up all technology devices. If teachers do not allow for enough time, students rush around hastily and usually shut-down the computers incorrectly. When students shut-down the computers incorrectly, they cause the netbooks to get locked up in the previous users name. By planning for enough clean-up time, we can prevent minor issues that may cause hold-ups for the next class.

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