Saturday, October 15, 2011

Tool #11 - Self Assessing and Reflecting

A few tools that I really enjoyed included Vokis, Wordle, Wallwisher, Make Beliefs Comix, Poll Everyone and Google Docs. I could see all of these tools being integrated in my classes. I'm really excited to try and incorporate these tools into many of my co-teach classrooms. The kids would hopefully learn to appreciate math like I do! Now, I just need a planning period with my co-teachers to get this stuff started!!!!

One of my goals this year, is to help integrate technology into my math co-teach classes more often. It's a tad bit easier to throw in technology use in other subjects than it is in math, but i'd like to change that. Unfortunately, I'm not the most creative person, therefore it's going to take a lot from me to achieve my goal, but it's definitely something that i'd like to work up to!

I wasn't at all surprised by any of the training that I got from 11 Tools. I really enjoyed that it encouraged us to browse the web as well as supply us with numerous, great, useful resources that we could add to our "teacher toolboxes." I'm not as overwhelmed as I thought I'd be with this project, but it did take a while. I even passed the test on the first try!!!!

Wish me luck on achieving my goal this year!! 

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  1. Good luck as you work to achieve your goals! Glad you found so many tools that you enjoyed and plan to incorporate. Take a look at Mangahigh. It is an easy way teachers can create math workstations!