Sunday, September 18, 2011

Tool #3 Finding Online Video and Image Resources

My top two favorite sites were definitely YouTube and TeacherTube. I'm a big advocate of YouTube because you can find a video of almost anything in the world on one single website. It's absolutely awesome! TeacherTube was useful because it has a plethora of videos that are geared especially for classroom use. I had never heard of Blinkx before 11 tools, but I really enjoyed the fact that it pulls videos from over 150 video sites and compiles them into one search engine. It made my life 1000 times easier! :) 

I didn't post videos that were very relevant to my content because I teach multiple contents, but I think they pertain to education and technology, or what you make of it!

From my understandings of the Copyright Issue, feel free to correct me if I'm wrong, I gathered that as long as the information/material is used for educational purposes and copyrighted material is not being published to the general public, then there shouldn't be any issues!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tool #2: Building Community in the Online Envrionment

For some reason, I'm not the biggest fan of exposing my thoughts for the world to see. I don't like the idea that billions of people could be potentially reading my blog... I'm sure they're all running to their computers as I type. ( Catch my sarcasm?! It's kind of hard to be cynical when blogging..So sue me.)

Although I'm not the biggest fan of exposing my own ideas, I think it's a GREAT opportunity for our students. Blogging is notorious for giving the less vocal people a voice. It's your chance to speak your mind and I think that our students need and would benefit from that!!!!

In high school, a few of my friends were very active bloggers and I loved following them! It was fun to read their thoughts and it was always fun responding to their posts. 

I haven't explored Edmodo too much, but it sounds awesome!!! From my understandings, it's similar to facebook and I think the kids would definitely find it extremely relatable!! I could see this resource being applied in our any of the classrooms that I co-teach in.