Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Tool #2: Building Community in the Online Envrionment

For some reason, I'm not the biggest fan of exposing my thoughts for the world to see. I don't like the idea that billions of people could be potentially reading my blog... I'm sure they're all running to their computers as I type. ( Catch my sarcasm?! It's kind of hard to be cynical when blogging..So sue me.)

Although I'm not the biggest fan of exposing my own ideas, I think it's a GREAT opportunity for our students. Blogging is notorious for giving the less vocal people a voice. It's your chance to speak your mind and I think that our students need and would benefit from that!!!!

In high school, a few of my friends were very active bloggers and I loved following them! It was fun to read their thoughts and it was always fun responding to their posts. 

I haven't explored Edmodo too much, but it sounds awesome!!! From my understandings, it's similar to facebook and I think the kids would definitely find it extremely relatable!! I could see this resource being applied in our any of the classrooms that I co-teach in.

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  1. Angela,

    I share your views on exposing our thoughts to the world. There are so many positive aspects to using technology but I always have a concern about privacy and misuse of information.

    This is truly a GREAT opportunity for our students; they have access to amazing technological devices. Daily they surf the web, use those devices for social networking, or even basic research. As educators I feel that we have the responsibility of taking our students to the next level. We should be connecting the things our students love doing and incorporating them into our daily lessons. Teaching them how to conduct in-depth research utilizing the internet, create their own blogs, and learn interactively.